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i love this game sm. if u havent played it yet play laceys wardrobe; this game reminded me of it and i love that game too

also love that berserk is an option for fav anime loll

I still adore this game. I wanted to ask, do you plan to make that "Disk 2"? Or is it meant to be left unfinished?


why cant she be real 

Could you try putting Death Note has one of the animes :0 ?

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this was suuuuch an uncomfortable experience, really really cool!!

Thank you! So glad you were creeped out and enjoyed.

i put my favorite anime, nothing happens

very good ! i put berserk at first, and really like the message xd i really like it, and the games where you need to click on head in the bus make me very umcomfortable!

Fantastic! I'm glad it was uncomfortable, exactly what I wanted. Thank you for playing!

help? i cant even start the game, when i press begin it does nothing.

Huh. Thank you for letting me know. When you hit Begin, nothing happens at all? No sounds or animation or anything?

nope. when i click begin it doesnt do anything, it doesnt crash tho

ill try to reopen the game again and ill update u

reopened it again, does the same thing.


cant believe 420 actually worked in the friends section

: )

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Hi, I am so sorry I missed this message. Thank you so much, this truly means a lot. That sorta comment really keeps my gamedev going! So glad it had had such an effect! 

this game is honestly fantastic. i discovered it through ManlyBadassHero and now i'm planning to do my own playthrough! the visuals are unnerving in their own unique way and the story is highly compelling. i loved reading the theories surrounding the game's underlying premise. great work!

Sorry I missed this message. That is wonderful to hear. I also loved reading all of the theories. People are really clever. Thank you so so so so so much, this is great to read!

Is there any way I can listen to the soundtrack for this game outside of the game itself?

Hm, I'll see what I can do when I have time. Thank you!

when i open the game, it's zoomed in a whole bunch for no reason, and i can't zoom out or exit fullscreen. How should I troubleshoot this?


Hi! I’m sorry, it seems to be a resolution error. I’ve had other people report it too. I’ll have to look into it and come up with a fix. Sorry! I’ll let you know when I fix it. Thank you for wanting to play.

my native resolution is 1366 x 786.

hope this helps with debugging


this was very interesting!!!!! i think this is the only stereotypical "anime girl spooky xD" game that i actually found genuinely compelling and creepy. the real world threat of being stalked your entire life and not knowing and the stalker trying so hard to appear friendly and charming, and the idea that not only is someone willing to help them, but that their victim may even welcome the attention is really frightening but also interesting..... 

disk 2 a teaser for full version or sequel? id be so interested in learning more about these characters!! what are the stalkers true intentions? its implied the victim is a foster kid from house to house, did their parents giving them up have anything to do with the stalker? will they eventually go to their stalker? will the stalker be as friendly and welcoming as they appear to be? is it a front? who is the developer friend? im so intrigued!!!!!! id love to see more! 

i also saw this from manlybadasshero on youtube, who also played ur last game, in case u didnt know. thanks for sharing this with us!!!

Thank you so much! I truly appreciate it! Seeing analysis and feedback like this is wonderful. The next release will be a sequel, although it will have this one in it too; you’ll be able to choose if you want to start at disk 1 or 2. It’ll be even more big and in-depth. I look forward to you playing it!

thank YOU so much for letting us all play it!!! i especially love the anime girl illustrations. theyre so energetic and fun but the perfect mix with a bit TOO cute to feel genuine and real...... this whole game crafts a very good sense of atmosphere and creepiness that im so excited to see expanded upon in the sequel!!!!!!!!!!! i will absolutely be waiting with bated breath to play it >:3c

That sounds so amazing! I cant wait!

Made it up to "Home Aideo" and have no idea how to progress from there, so I'm giving up for now. Cool game overall!

It asks for numbers, huh? Home…Aideo? H ome A ideo, weird typo. I wonder what keeps showing up throughout some of the messages…..

Thank you! Glad you enjoy!

I found all 11 series LoveDove responds to (I cheated for two) and I have to say I'm disappointed... The two I cheated to find did surprise me though.

Wow! That is incredibly impressive! How did uou figure them out, and how did you “cheat”?

When she first asked, I was typing in a bunch of hentai titles lol. [REDACTED] says she likes classics and some new stuff. I guessed MHA and it worked. I started listing extremely common and some slight obscure Shounen anime. I also guessed some Shojo anime as well because my first actual guess was correct: Sailor Moon. I cheated by Putting level2 in HxD (hex editor).

I also did this when I was drunk.

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Wow! I'm so glad you were so interested in it. Sailor Moon is the perfect first guess, haha. And hey, if you used another program to get the answers, I'm glad to see the effort! It's actually really cool to see people really wanting to find stuff out in my game. Hm, I must admit, I thought it would take longer for people to figure out all the titles............I'll have to think up of a reward!

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I guessed Sailor Moon because of how LoveDove looked. It didn't take much time because they were extremely common anime (excluding the two I was surprised to see) people are watching currently or recently finished for the new stuff and the older ones were classics everyone remembers. Still had fun though! I honestly thought if you typed in an anime, it would google search an image or some and ask if that was correct, that's why I was doing hentai names as a joke.