A downloadable game for Windows

Second-Person Analog Comedy Horror Mystery in which three crazy NPCs describe the bizarre actions of your crazier intruder. Pick the game apart until you've found all secrets wriggling within.

  • Fully adjustable VHS effects so you can pinpoint exactly what old-style aesthetic you want.
  • Full voice acting from the people who were really there that night. If you recognize these voices, please contact me at ( [][][] ) [][][]-[][][][]
  • Normal Ending and a Secret Ending you will have to piece together.
  • Bother the residents of the Lovely Estate through insane dialogue, wild camera work, colorful environments, and uncomfortable questions.

You're here to get someone. They're here to breathe until they can't anymore. Mind the fumes.

Explore the secrets within these stained walls and find something before it finds you.

I hope you enjoy. We made this for you. Please reach out if you know who you are.

If any faces or conversations in the game trigger vague memories from childhood, please contact me at ( [][][] ) [][][]-[][][][]


TheLovelyEstate1.0.4.zip 254 MB

Install instructions

Unzip the downloaded file and play TheLovelyEstate.exe.

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